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I no longer own a place where I could put my landscaping design skills to use. Once i did, however, I definitely had a eco-friendly thumb and was good at landscape design. I never utilized my skills about anyone else's yard, on the other hand built my solution garden in my individual backyard.- landscaping austin

I merely had less than 1/3 of an acre to work with, but I managed to get work. My favorite types of plants to use have been different types of vines. I additionally liked to place trees, and while my personal lot was small, I planted three trees. The first has been an orange tree, the second was a pecan sapling, and then I selected and planted a southern magnolia inside the side yard.

My house was a fixer-upper, and yet again my lot had been small, but folks complimented my backyard all the time. I never have got to finish the yard because I sold my property and moved outside the state into a condo. Nevertheless, I will always remember getting to work on my gardening skills, as working out in the yard has been my favorite weekend exercise. I was also usually watering the grass, killing the weed growth and planting turf seed. My yard looked nice!- landscaping austin

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